A green beauty made especially for mountain biking!

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Experienced or not, Arapuke Forest Park is accessible for all mountain bikers. At the moment there is over 15 km of trails to enjoy in the park’s growing network of Grade 2 to Grade 6 mountain bike trails, with most trails being intermediate Grade 3.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing ride whilst enjoying New Zealand’s gorgeous nature, or looking for giant climbs and challenging obstacles: Arapuke Forest Park is the place to be.

A little bit of competition

Arapuke Forest Park had an interesting history. Mountain bikers have been riding at K-Loop – the spots previous name – since the late 1980s. And it was not always as peaceful is it is today: runners, walkers and mountain bikers used to compete with motorbikes and 4WD for access.

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After Palmerston North City Council bought the land in 2007, vehicles were no longer allowed in the park. In 2011 they began to form the first mountain bikes trails as they are today. It is save to say that the team behind Arapuke Forest Park is ambitious: the length of the trail will be doubled by 2020.



From Greenmantle it is an hour and fifteen-minute drive to Arapuke Forest Park. At the Manawatu Mountain Bike Club, the organisation that manages the trails, you can book different mountain bike rides such as a night ride. But you can easily go on a fun mountain bike adventure yourself: there are 19 tracks for you try out!

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You are more than welcome to contact us about more information regarding bike rental and the Arapuke Forest Park. We can help arrange a beautiful day outdoors for you, providing you with mountain bikes and other necessities.

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Explanation Grades Mountain Biking

Grade 2: Mostly flat with some gentle climbs on smooth climbs on the track, and easily avoidable obstacles such as rocks and potholes.

Grade 3: Steep slopes and/or avoidable obstacles, possible narrow track.

Grade 4: A mixture of long, steep climbs, narrow track, poor traction and obstacles that difficult to avoid or jump over.

Grade 5: Giant climbs, narrow track and heaps of hazards including dangerous drop-offs, sharp corners and difficult obstacles.

Grade 6: Extremely steep sections with large drop-offs and other unavoidable obstacles.

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